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Tree Stump Removal: 3 Common Questions

19 Jul

If you are thinking about having a tree stump removed from your property, you may be unsure of what you need to do. It is highly likely that you have a few questions about the process. Below are 3 common questions people ask when considering tree stump removal.  Why should I have the tree stump […]

3 Ways to Tell If You Should Remove a Tree

1 Mar

Removing a tree from your property is not always an easy decision, as trees can improve the view of your property and can also hold moisture in the ground so there is less chance of soil erosion in your yard. However, there are times when it’s good to have a tree removed rather than keeping it […]

5 Trees You Should Never Plant in Your Back Garden

1 Mar

Having your own back garden is a huge pleasure and privilege, but the success of your garden and the joy that it gives you is directly related to the trees that you plant within that garden. There are some trees that are unstable and could fall over, some that attract disease, pests, or animals you […]

Look To The Earth: Two Signs Your Trees Are Unstable And Ready To Fall

17 Dec

Every year Queensland experiences violent summer storms, and every year reports of tree damage emerge after the storms are over. From blocking roads to falling onto the roofs of houses, unstable trees are a dangerous problem to have at your home. It is very unwise to wait for a summer storm to bring down your […]

How To Move An Ornamental Tree

15 Dec

If you have an ornamental tree on your land that has grown too big for its position, you might think that the only alternative is to have it removed.  However, it is possible to move small trees yourself, or with the assistance of a professional arborist.  You’ll need to allow a few months to complete […]

Guide To Safe Tree Felling

7 Dec

If you have trees on your land, there’s bound to come a time when you need to cut one down, for example following storm damage, or if disease kills the tree.  Large trees should always be tackled by a professional tree service company, but you could remove small ones yourself, provided you have the right […]

Three Simple Guidelines for Residential Tree Lopping

7 Dec

Trees are beneficial features in the residential setup because they enhance the aesthetics and value of the property. In addition, they will contribute to a healthier environment by providing shade and shelter for birds. If you have trees in your property, you will need to perform some maintenance tasks to promote the continued growth of […]

Want To Build A Deck? Here Is Why You Should Use Treated Pine Wood

3 Dec

As people gradually realise the benefits of raised outdoor platforms for leisure activities, family gatherings, and other outdoor uses, the popularity of decks has seen a massive increase. Together with this trend has been the need for safer, protective and more effective wood treatments. Some homeowners prefer building their decks with untreated redwood, cedar or […]

Things you need to know before hiring a tree removal service

2 Dec

Having trees in your home come as both an asset and a liability. Heavy branches may sometime hang over your house, risking the possibility of a falling limb. This could result into extensive damages of your property. Also, when the tree becomes damaged beyond repair, it can cause a lot of damage during a storm. […]

Don’t Disease Your Trees: Keep Your Lopping Tools Clean And Sharp

1 Dec

Summer storm activity in Australia is not unusual, and this violent weather often leaves many damaged trees in its wake. You know you need to get outside and get your trees trimmed now, before they cause any damage to your home. However, did you know you could do more damage to your trees than any […]